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acting as though you are better than others

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sanctimonious - self-righteous

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If you behave and interact with others in a way that demonstrates your belief in your moral superiority, then you can accurately be described as ‘sanctimonious’. Such people are also regarded as hypocrites as this formal word implies that the person acting as if they are a saint are in fact anything but in reality. Therefore, it is used to express disapproval.

Synonyms pharisaical,pious
Antonyms equitable,unfeigned

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  1. Yes, I made a mistake, but you’ve made plenty in the past too, so I could do without your sanctimonious remarks.

  2. Rachel doesn’t pursue any faith. She says that she’s put off by what she perceives to be the sanctimoniousness of religious leaders.

  3. The boss sanctimoniously talks about staff not pulling their weight when he takes about 5 holidays a year! It’s absurd.

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