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salacious | salaciousness | salaciously

salacious salaciousness salaciously
suggestive of moral looseness
  • How to Memorize
    • salacious - indecent
  • Analysis

    Something ‘salacious’ implies or deals with a subject considered to be lewd or indecent. It is used particularly in relation to sexual matters, especially when excessive details are provided. For that reason, it is not considered to be appropriate for everyone. Most commonly encountered in the context of gossip, literature, or some kind of public scandal.

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    Antonymsdemureinnocuousplatonic ,
  • Example(s)
    1. If the salacious rumours about the politician’s affair with her staffer are true, then she will be forced to resign.

    2. That tawdry tabloid newspaper doesn’t contain any real news. It is just known for the salaciousness of its stories.

    3. The book generated a lot of controversy for the way it salaciously detailed aspects of the celebrity’s private life.