sacrilege | sacrilegious

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the disrespect of something regarded sacred or important

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sacrilege - sin

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Originally, ‘sacrilege’ was used to express a blasphemous act that involved the violation or disrespect of holy traditions or objects, but has since been adapted to also refer to disrespecting something somebody considers very important. It is this second use that has become the most common. The word is also sometimes used as a deliberate exaggeration for effect.

Synonyms violation
Antonyms sanctification,dedication

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  1. I can’t believe they’re going to knock down that beautiful old building. It’s sacrilege!

  2. Many Christians considered the protesters' burning of a cross to be a sacrilegious act.

  3. Sarah was livid that I made some changes to her proposal. It was as if I had committed a sacrilege!

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