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humorously vulgar

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ribald - vulgar

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The word ‘ribald’ can refer to jokes or remarks that are funny, or attempting to be so, but lewd and coarse in nature, or to a person who frequently uses vulgar or offensive language. Such behaviour is divisive. While some enjoy that kind of humour or character, others find it crass and unpalatable. It is considered more acceptable in a social rather than professional environment.


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  1. I couldn’t believe John would make such a ribald remark in a meeting with potential clients. It was incredibly unprofessional and made everybody uncomfortable.

  2. I thought the movie was base and vulgar, even for a comedy. It was devoid of any subtle or clever humour. Instead, it was just a torrent of ribaldry.

  3. Amy is quite a ribald person, so she tends to rub people up the wrong way. Some find her humorous, but others think she is crass and offensive.

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