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speech or writing intended to be effective and influential

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rhetoric - speech

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The word ‘rhetoric’ refers to an ornate, flowery style of speech or writing that seeks to impress or persuade the listener/reader. Quite often, while the language being employed sounds grandiose, it is not actually sincere or useful. For that reason, the term can also be used to express loud and empty talk. Commonly associated with politics.

Synonyms oratory,eloquence
Antonyms gibberish,unintelligible

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  1. The candidate did not mean most of what she was saying in her speech. It was just empty political rhetoric.

  2. I thought that the article was highly effective. The wonderful rhetorical style of the journalist brought the subject matter to life.

  3. The CEO aligned himself with the striking workers rhetorically, but in practice worked tirelessly against them.

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