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reverberate reverberated reverberating
echo (of a sound), or continue to have an impact over a wide area
  • How to Memorize
    • reverberate - echo
  • Analysis

    This term can be used to describe an echo - a sound that is reflected from a surface(s) back to the listener. In that context, the sound of loud music or somebody laughing loudly may ‘reverberate.’ By extension, the term is also used in a figurative sense to describe an event or situation that has a wide-ranging impact with effects that may be repeated for a period of time.

  • Exam DBSpoken DBOther
    Synonymsimpactresound, resonate,
    Antonymsunimportant, dull, meaningless,
  • Example(s)
    1. The effects of this crisis continue to reverberate around the globe, and may be felt for years to come.

    2. Brian was playing his music so loud that it reverberated off the walls in his room.

    3. We must find a way of stopping the financial crash from reverberating through our industry.