resuscitate | resuscitation

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bring somebody or something back to life

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resuscitate - revive

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To ‘resuscitate’ is to revive a person who has lost consciousness or is no longer breathing. In other words, you save them from death. The term can also be used to express bringing something back to life in a figurative sense, particularly in a professional context. So, whether literally or figuratively, the word connotes giving new life or energy.

Synonyms reanimate,resurrect,reawaken
Antonyms extinguish,smother

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  1. The patient went into cardiac arrest but the doctors were able to resuscitate her. They are hopeful she will now make a full recovery.

  2. The resuscitation of the business is my top priority. That’s why I’m actively looking for new investors to breathe life back into the organization.

  3. Every new employee here is required to learn CPR so that they have the skill to resuscitate somebody if the need arises rather than losing precious time waiting for an ambulance.

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