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an act of retaliation

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reprisal - retaliation

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The word ‘reprisal’ refers to something violent or harmful done against another person or thing in order to punish them for something unpleasant that was done to you. Sometimes this can be an official action done to justifiably counter a dangerous or unruly foe, but other times it can simply be an act of petty revenge or violent criminality.

Synonyms reciprocation,revanche,requital

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  1. The witness saw the gang carry out the robbery, but did not tell the police for fear of reprisal.

  2. There will likely be severe economic and perhaps even military reprisals for that country’s decision to invade their neighbour.

  3. Many members of the media in that country are afraid to report the truth about the ruling regime as they fear doing so will lead to reprisals from government forces.

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