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clever and witty conversation

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repartee - banter

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The word ‘repartee’ refers to a type of conversation that is characterized by an interchange of quick, amusing, and adroit replies. This is not something everybody can do. It typically takes a sharp mind and good chemistry with the person you are talking to in order for the dialogue to flow in such a way.

Synonyms witticisms,ripostes,persiflage
Antonyms quarrel,discord

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  1. Sandra is a real pro when it comes to networking and making new contacts because of her natural ability for quick-thinking repartee.

  2. I attended that new play on Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was full of witty repartee which had the audience in stitches.

  3. The boss chose Laura and me to work together on the project because he could see that we had a natural repartee.

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