recalcitrant | recalcitrance

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difficult to control

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recalcitrant - stubborn

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Somebody described as being ‘recalcitrant’ is unwilling to obey orders or follow instructions. Such people usually resent and engage in conflict with those in authority, making them highly unsuitable or difficult to manage employees. The word can also be used in a more general sense to express obstinately refusing to budge on something.

Synonyms insubordinate
Antonyms compliant,tractable,biddable

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  1. Tim is probably the best manager I have ever worked for. With his leadership skills, he has the ability to engage and inspire even the most recalcitrant of employees.

  2. Susan’s innate recalcitrance made it very difficult for her to work for others. That’s why she decided to start her own business.

  3. The government hope that their new environmental reform act will be adopted willingly, but warned there could be punishments meted out to recalcitrant industries.

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