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loud and unpleasant

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raucous - noisy

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The word ‘raucous’ can be used to describe an offensively harsh or noisy sound, or behaviour that is characterized by loudness, impoliteness, and excessive boisterousness. Such intensity of volume or rowdiness is almost always a source of extreme irritation to others, which is why the term is mostly used to express disapproval.

Synonyms discordant
Antonyms harmonious,melodious

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  1. I found it very difficult to study for my exams because a group of raucous students were having a party next door.

  2. Our team were taken aback by the raucousness of the home crowd. They were a lot louder and more hostile than we were anticipating.

  3. I didn’t enjoy my dinner at that restaurant. The person at the next table kept laughing raucously, which was very irritating and distracting.

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