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a feeling of intense happiness or excitement

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rapture - ecstasy

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The word ‘rapture’ expresses an overpoweringly intense feeling of joy or exhilaration. As such, it is typically a short-lived response to a rare and wonderful event or situation. It was originally used in relation to a spiritual or mystical experience, but now has a much broader use. Nonetheless, it is still generally only used when describing something uncommonly joyous.

Synonyms euphoria
Antonyms melancholia

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  1. I was in a state of rapture at the concert. It was so thrilling and engrossing to see that classical pianist perform live.

  2. The staff were in raptures when they heard that they would all be awarded a bonus for completing the order before the allotted deadline.

  3. The cup-winning team received a rapturous reception from the fans who lined the streets to greet their return to the city with the trophy.

  4. I wouldn’t say I’m rapturously happy about my new contract, but it’s at least a definite improvement on my old one.

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