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greedy or devouring

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rapacious - greedy

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Somebody considered ‘rapacious’ exhibits avaricious and selfish behaviour, marked by a desire to take things from others, especially through the use of force or other unfair methods. Something ‘rapacious’ is destructive and consuming. In both senses, this formal word is generally used in a negative context.

Synonyms ravenous
Antonyms philanthropic

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  1. That finance mogul is portrayed in the media as a rapacious plutocrat, but away from the spotlight, he engages in a lot of charitable work.

  2. The old boat moored in the harbour was being slowly dissolved by the rapaciousness of the salty seawater.

  3. Developers used underhanded tactics to rapaciously secure land from residents, then turned the entire area into an enormous industrial estate.

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