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queasy | queasiness | queasily

queasy queasiness queasily
feeling sick
  • How to Memorize
    • queasy - sick
  • Analysis

    The word ‘queasy’ expresses a feeling that you are going to vomit. Such a sensation usually originates in the stomach and can be brought on by illness, nervousness, uneasiness, or a disturbance to your equilibrium. It only has negative connotations due to its association with impairment of normal physical or mental function.

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    Synonymsnauseous, squeamish, unwell,
  • Example(s)
    1. Tom doesn’t usually get seasickness but due to the large swell, he began to feel queasy as soon as the boat left the harbour.

    2. I was overcome by a feeling of queasiness before I gave my speech at the conference. My nerves got the better of me.

    3. John said that he could never be a doctor because the thought of blood is queasily unsettling to him.