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officially end or reject

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quash - cancel

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The formal word ‘quash’ is used in two main ways, both related to the basic concept of invalidating, overturning, or suppressing something. Firstly, in a legal context, it expresses the rejection of an earlier legal decision or judgement. Secondly, it can be used to describe the forceful subduing of something that you do not want to happen. Such actions are typically taken by those in a position of power and influence.

Synonyms annul,abrogate
Antonyms validate,formalise

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  1. Government forces moved into the region to quash the uprising which had begun to gather pace.

  2. Phil was released from prison after the Appeal Court quashed his conviction for murder which the judge felt was based on flimsy evidence.

  3. The PR Department released a statement to the press to quash rumours that a takeover of the company was imminent.

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