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a difficult and dangerous situation
  • How to Memorize
    • quagmire - predicament
  • Analysis

    In a literal sense, the word ‘quagmire’ refers to a treacherous area of soft, wet, muddy ground that is easy to sink into and become stuck. In a figurative and more commonly used sense, the term describes a precarious or highly difficult situation that is hard to avoid or escape from. In the latter context, it is often used in relation to politics.

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    Antonymsdoddlepicnic, cakewalk,
  • Example(s)
    1. Those country roads are highly treacherous at this time of year. Heavy rains turn them into a quagmire.

    2. The dispute between us and that company has turned into a legal quagmire that has had a deleterious impact on finances.

    3. I don’t think our party should get involved in the debate over that controversial policy because it will inevitably become a political quagmire that will be nearly impossible to extricate ourselves from.