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careful about details and behaviour

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punctilious - meticulous

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A person considered ‘punctilious’ pays thorough, sometimes even excessive, attention to fine points and conventions. In a professional environment, a trait like this can be of great benefit, particularly when it comes to organizing something, but such fastidiousness might also rub some up the wrong way. This formal word is mostly used with regards to a person but can also be applied in a broader context.

Synonyms scrupulous,conscientious
Antonyms apathetic,spurious

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  1. Jane is the most punctilious of all my employees. She’s always on time and organized, which is why I feel she can handle some extra responsibility.

  2. I found living with Chris to be quite difficult. His punctiliousness and the way he fussed over everything drove me up the wall sometimes!

  3. This report has to be accurate and without error. That’s why I need you to go through it punctiliously for me.

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