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long and drawn-out

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protracted - prolonged

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Something ‘protracted’ is tedious and continues for a lengthy amount of time, or certainly longer than you believe is necessary, usual, or expected. The word typically implies a great degree of frustration and a sense that something might never end. Often used in a legal or business context, especially with regards to negotiations.

Synonyms interminable,prolix,elongated
Antonyms meteoric

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  1. Negotiations over my new contract have been so protracted. I’m growing increasingly frustrated at the company’s refusal to pay me what I think I’m worth.

  2. I’m going to settle the claim out of court. The last thing I need right now is a protracted legal battle!

  3. Our organization has gone about these necessary reforms so protractedly that I’m beginning to wonder if they will ever be fully implemented.

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