impropriety | propriety

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(in)correct behaviour

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propriety - correctness

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The formal word ‘propriety’ refers to conduct, speech, or actions that are considered socially or morally acceptable. People who behave in such a way tend to be self-restrained and care very much about doing the right thing, occasionally even to an excessive degree. However, they are looked upon favourably by society as a whole. The direct opposite of this is ‘impropriety’.

Synonyms decorum,deportment
Antonyms dissipation

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  1. A number of staff members questioned the propriety of the school hiring a teacher with such a spotty track record.

  2. We investigated the circumstances around the struggling bank awarding large bonuses to its executives, but found no evidence of impropriety.

  3. The politician has always been careful to behave with propriety in her public and private life, which is why she has never been involved in any controversy or scandal.

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