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make peace with somebody

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propitiate - appease

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If you ‘propitiate’ somebody then you find a way to make them less angry or to regain their good favour, typically through positive action such as buying a gift. This formal word was originally used to express a human or animal sacrifice that was made to appease the gods, but has since been adapted to the more measured definition given above.

Antonyms discompose

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  1. I know Alice was mad at me for forgetting her birthday, so to propitiate her I took her out for a meal in a fancy restaurant.

  2. The propitiation of that rogue country has been detrimental to global peace and stability. I believe that a more hardline approach should be adopted.

  3. The ancient temple I visited in Mexico was once a site used for human sacrifice. It was done to give thanks to the gods when times were good, and propitiate them when things were bad.

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