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give judgement about what is likely to happen

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prognosticate - predict

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To ‘prognosticate’ means to predict something or at least make a reasonable assumption about what will happen in the future. It does not require the ability to prophesise, instead, prognostications are made by looking at evidence and then drawing from that a reasonable conclusion about how events are likely to develop. In other words, it indicates learned or skilled interpretation, not blind guesswork.

Synonyms foretell
Antonyms ignore,disregard,oblivious

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  1. My task is to study the data, then prognosticate how the scheme is likely to play out.

  2. The doctor studied the test results and gave Anne just two months to live. Luckily, his prognostication proved to be inaccurate.

  3. If the government’s prognosticator is correct, unemployment numbers are likely to fall dramatically in the next few months.

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