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plentiful or abundant

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profuse - plentiful

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If there is a lot of something, or it pours forth without restraint, then it can be called ‘profuse'. While in some cases that is a benefit, there are also many others where an overabundance of something can cause problems. You would not want to be bleeding profusely, for example. For that reason, this word has both positive and negative connotations.

Synonyms abundant,plenteous
Antonyms miserly,deficient

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  1. It was unacceptable that the delivery was late, so I offered my profuse apologies to the client and gave a full refund.

  2. The profuseness of the crop makes it very easy for farmers to grow and harvest. That’s why it’s so ubiquitous.

  3. It’s sweltering outside and the air conditioning isn’t working in the office, so all the staff are sweating profusely!

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