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extravagant or wasteful

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profligate - wasteful

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The formal word ‘profligate’ expresses reckless waste or squandering, particularly in the use of resources such as money. While such behaviour can be fun, it is viewed with disapproval by others and inevitably leads to problems, certainly in the long run. Less commonly, the term can also refer to a lifestyle marked by wastefulness, such as one involving the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Synonyms debauched

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  1. I am going to have to cut the budget for that department. I am sick of their irresponsible and profligate spending.

  2. Joe lives a life of wasteful profligacy. He just drifts aimlessly and seems to spend what little money he receives on alcohol.

  3. You can’t carry on living so profligately. You need to start thinking about the future by saving and putting down roots.

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