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something that comes before a more important action or event

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prelude - introduction

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When something precedes or acts as an introduction for something much bigger, it can be called a ‘prelude’. Most commonly seen in written English in relation to politics or business, particularly print media. In a more specialized sense, this term is also used in classical music to refer to a short piece for the piano or organ, particularly one played before a church ceremony or longer composition.

Synonyms preamble,forerunner,precursor
Antonyms epilogue

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  1. We hope that the agreement we reached with that company will be a prelude to much bigger business between us in the future.

  2. Bonuses have been frozen this year, but staff needn’t worry about that being a prelude to job-cuts. Our financial situation is not as bad as that.

  3. The politician’s meet and greet with local dignitaries was just a prelude to the big speech she was giving in the town later that evening.

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