predisposed | predisposition

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prone or susceptible to something

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predisposed - prone

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If a person is ‘predisposed’ to something, then they are likely to be influenced or harmed by it. This most commonly takes the form of a medical condition or engaging in negative and destructive behaviour. However, that does not mean that this word is always used negatively. There are also a number of positive contexts in which it can be applied.

Antonyms disinclined

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  1. As his both his parents suffered from high blood pressure, John is genetically predisposed to the condition.

  2. The study found that children who experience a difficult upbringing characterized by hardship are much more likely to have a predisposition towards criminality.

  3. By her nature, our manager is predisposed towards conciliation, so she always strives to resolve any conflict as amicably as possible.

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