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showing ability at an early age or stage of development

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precocious - advanced

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A person described as ‘precocious' is considered to be advanced beyond their years with respect to skill or knowledge. This word is associated with youth but the age aspect is relative. For example, an author can be called a precocious talent in their thirties, whereas in sports the term would only apply to gifted teenagers. This is because the average stage of development differs from one field to another.

Synonyms mature,gifted,exceptional
Antonyms delayed,dim-witted

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  1. The 15-year-old is a precocious talent, and a number of top teams are desperate to sign him.

  2. Alice’s precociousness quickly became apparent and I tried my best as her teacher to nurture her academic abilities.

  3. The precociously gifted entrepreneur had already set up 3 profitable businesses by the age of 30.

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