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a group of the same kind of people
  • How to Memorize
    • posse - gang
  • Analysis

    A ‘posse’ is a large group of people who have come together for a common purpose or job. It is typically a temporary collaboration that will disband once their common goal has been achieved. This word can also be used in a more informal way by somebody to refer to their group of friends or an entourage of some kind.

  • Exam DBSpoken DBOther
    Antonymsdisplaced, apportioned, segregation,
  • Example(s)
    1. A posse of local residents formed in order to help police with their search for the missing girl.

    2. The actress was surrounded by a posse of photographers as she attended the premiere of her new movie.

    3. It’s hard to talk to Julie because whenever she goes out anywhere she is always with a posse of her friends.