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communicate in a domineering or pompous way

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pontificate - lecture

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If somebody was to ‘pontificate’, they would speak or write about something in a way that makes it clear they think they are an authority on the subject and could not possibly be wrong about anything. It is regarded as a very pompous and dogmatic way of expressing an opinion as it does not allow for any counter-argument. The term is derived from the French word for ‘the Pope’, who in the dogma of the Catholic Church is seen as infallible.

Synonyms declaim,expound

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  1. A lot of so-called experts appear on the news to pontificate about current affairs. It’s very hard to know who to take seriously.

  2. The report contained very few facts or hard data. It was mostly filled with conjecture and pontification.

  3. That politician loves to pontificate about issues and how he would solve them, but he never makes a concerted effort to enact change.

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