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something said or done to gain an advantage

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ploy - tactic

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A 'ploy' is a tactic or strategy designed to help you get what you want, often by tricking or manipulating somebody. While such an action requires a degree of cleverness to pull off successfully, the word typically does not have positive connotations. Instead, it is mostly associated with dishonesty and immorality.

Synonyms ruse,scheme
Antonyms virtuous

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  1. I gave John money because he said his daughter needed an operation. I later found out that it was just a ploy so he could buy a new car.

  2. The product can’t really do what that company says it can. It’s just a marketing ploy designed to increase sales.

  3. I believe that the official complaint made against me is part of a deliberate ploy to force me out of the organization.

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