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an overused remark or statement

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platitude - cliche

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A ‘platitude’ is something that may be true but has been said or used so many times that it has lost its impact or meaning. Such utterances tend to bore and irritate people, so this formal word is typically used to express disapproval. Often encountered in its plural form ‘platitudes’.

Synonyms bromide
Antonyms profundity,discernment

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  1. The politician's campaign failed because it was based on empty slogans and platitudes rather than real policies that could lead to positive change.

  2. I think that our press release about the situation should be personal and heartfelt rather than some typically platitudinous corporate statement.

  3. The head of the department likes to think of herself as a great and inspiring motivator, but she’s actually just a tiresome platitudinarian.

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