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calm and peaceful

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placid - calm

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Initially, the word ‘placid’ was used to describe a body of water that is free from waves or any other kind of disturbance. While it is still used in that way, it has also been adapted to commonly refer to a place free from disturbances, or a person who is calm in appearance or characteristics. In all contexts, it has only positive connotations.

Synonyms equable,sedate
Antonyms turbulent,frenzied

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  1. The surface of the water looks quite placid, by there are strong currents underneath which makes swimming hazardous.

  2. I’m glad I moved out of that hectic city when I did. The laid back placidity of country life really suits me much better.

  3. I really admire the way Sarah placidly goes about her business. Nothing seems to ever faze or overawe her.

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