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pleasantly stimulating

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piquant - stimulating

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The formal word ‘piquant’ was originally used to refer to food that has an interesting or exciting taste to it, particularly something spicy. It has since been adapted to also express something provocative or stimulating. So, while piquant food stirs your tastebuds, piquant details stir your interest or imagination.

Synonyms pungent,intoxicating,zesty
Antonyms lacklustre

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  1. During the discussion, Stephen made a piquant observation that got people thinking and stirred up quite a debate.

  2. In my culinary review, I praised the dish for its bold flavours and the sauce on the side which added further piquancy.

  3. The newspaper this morning was full of piquant details about the affair, no doubt much of it sensationalized to sell more copies.

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