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sulky and bad-tempered

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petulant - irritable

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Somebody considered to be ‘petulant’ tends to be easily irritated and unreasonably impatient, especially if they do not get their own way. It implies irrationality and impulse control issues, so the word is often directed towards a difficult child or an adult thought to be behaving like a child. Used to express disapproval.

Synonyms querulous
Antonyms amiable

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  1. David firing me was just a petulant act in response to me daring to question his leadership. His actions have only served to prove my point.

  2. It’s hard to deal with that regime because their petulance means they often respond to perceived slights or threats in an erratic and impulsive way.

  3. I asked Robert to save the point he wished to raise until the end of the meeting, but he petulantly demanded to be heard right away. It was very childish of him.

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