perfunctory | perfunctorily

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done without care or interest

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perfunctory - casual

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Something ‘perfunctory’ is done as part of a duty or routine rather than out of genuine feeling, interest, or enthusiasm. Such actions are therefore regarded as mechanical and superficial. The word is often used in a negative context, but it can also frequently be neutral. For example, many of our everyday greetings or basic interactions with others are perfunctory, such as saying ‘how are you?’.

Synonyms careless
Antonyms diligent,thorough

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  1. The applause for the boss’s speech was only perfunctory. Nobody really cared about what she was saying.

  2. I asked David to review my report before I submitted it, but he only looked through it perfunctorily, which wasn’t at all helpful.

  3. The witness was not being very cooperative. His answers to my questioning were perfunctory at best.

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