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overly concerned with rules and minor details

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pedant - stickler

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A ‘pedant’ is somebody who pays too much attention to unimportant things and emphasizes minutiae to the annoyance and boredom of others. This can often take the form of closely monitoring the actions and behaviour of people within their proximity, such as a household or office, and then correcting small errors or providing unsolicited and unwelcome advice. This word is, therefore, used to express disapproval.

Synonyms dogmatist,doctrinaire
Antonyms dilettante,dissident

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  1. I hate living with Eric because he is such a pedant! He actually inspects the dishes after I’ve washed up to make sure they were done properly!

  2. I know I’m being a little controlling and pedantic about these preparations. I just really want everything to go off without a hitch.

  3. Lisa likes to micromanage rather than give the staff any free rein. That’s why she insists on going over everything pedantically before any task is undertaken.

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