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nonstandard speech or language

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patois - lingo

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The word ‘patois’ refers to a spoken form of a language used by people in a particular area or region of a country that differs from what is considered standard nationally or, more generally, even internationally. This form of provincial speech is typically regarded as being lowbrow by some, and charming or humorous by others. Can also less commonly express the special language used within a particular profession or social group. Pronounced ‘pat-wa’.

Synonyms vernacular,parlance,dialect
Antonyms orthodox,conventional

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  1. The candidate was certainly well-qualified for the job, but I fear that his regional patois could be a little incomprehensible to some customers when talking on the phone.

  2. I was surrounded by lawyers at the conference and had no idea what they were talking about most of the time. They seemed to have their own little patois.

  3. Even though Anne has only been living there for a few months, she has already picked up some of the distinctive Jamaican patois.

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