palpable | palpability | palpably

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obvious or easily noticed

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palpable - clear

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Something ‘palpable’ is so clear or obvious that it can be, or seems as if it can be, physically felt or touched. It is typically used only for situations where something invisible, like an atmosphere or emotion, becomes so intense that it feels as if it manifests itself or becomes a tangible substance.

Synonyms perceptible,obvious
Antonyms obscure,mysterious

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  1. The bad news was clearly devastating to Sandra. She tried to put on a brave face but her immense sadness was palpable.

  2. Even though Adam said he was fine, the palpability of the stress he is under made me concerned about his mental health.

  3. So much was riding on getting this deal over the line that the atmosphere in the negotiating room was palpably intense.

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