ostracize | ostracism

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exclude a person from a group

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ostracize - shun

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If you ‘ostracize’ somebody, you deliberately avoid them and, by common consent, prevent them from engaging in any social activities within a particular group. This group can be as small as a few friends or extend to involve the wider society. It is usually done to express strong disapproval or moral outrage at a person’s actions.

Synonyms exclude,banish,blackball
Antonyms embrace,assimilate

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  1. People in my local community sought to ostracize me after I was accused of the crime, even though I protested my innocence.

  2. I suffered years of ostracism at work after I sued the company, but I didn’t let them force me out.

  3. Tom was ostracized by the other students because of his strong political beliefs.

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