ostentatious | ostentation

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showy and designed to impress others

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ostentatious - showy

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The word ‘ostentatious’ is a more formal way of saying ‘showy’ or ‘flashy’ as it expresses a display of somebody’s wealth, power, or possessions that is intended to attract attention, admiration, or envy. As it is usually inspired by vanity, and is typically done in an overly elaborate or obvious way, being ostentatious is seen as being crass or vulgar.

Synonyms pretentious
Antonyms restrained,reserved

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  1. After his promotion, Alex bought himself an ostentatious gold watch to show off his new status.

  2. Claire’s new house was quite large but, as befitting her character, there was no hint of ostentation.

  3. The ostentatiousness of the festival at a time of austerity caused a lot of controversy.

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