omnipotent | omnipotence

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having unlimited power

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omnipotent - all-powerful

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Like the similar ‘omnipresent’ and ‘omniscient', the term ‘omnipotent’, derived from the Latin word for 'total power’, can only be applied to a deity in the strictest sense of the word. However, it is most commonly used in relation to somebody or something that seems to have unlimited power, influence, and authority, particularly in politics or business.

Synonyms supreme,absolute
Antonyms impotent,incapable

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  1. Many people feel a sense of reassurance and comfort praying to a higher power who they believe to be omnipotent.

  2. The rule of dictators usually depends on projecting an image of omnipotence to their people through whatever means possible.

  3. Your boss may be very accomplished and successful but he’s not omnipotent, so don’t just blindly go along with everything he says.

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