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obtrusive | obtrusiveness | unobtrusive

obtrusive obtrusiveness unobtrusive
annoyingly noticeable
  • How to Memorize
    • obtrusive - noticeable
  • Analysis

    Somebody or something ‘obtrusive’ are considered undesirably prominent or annoyingly conspicuous. The word implies something offensively ill-fitting or intrusive behaviour that exceeds the bounds of propriety. As such, it is always used in a negative context. Something the total reverse of this is ‘unobtrusive’.

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  • Example(s)
    1. I liked the food in that restaurant but the waiters were annoyingly obtrusive. They kept fussing around my table while I ate.

    2. Trying to work from home while renovations are going on next door is next to impossible. The intrusiveness of the noise is simply too much.

    3. The new logo design is far too gaudy and in-your-face. I would rather something much more subtle and unobtrusive.