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highly unpleasant or rude

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obnoxious - offensive

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Harmful, offensive, or odious conduct deserving of censure can be described as ‘obnoxious’. The word is most commonly used in relation to somebody who is overly loud, rude, and unthinking in their behaviour and speech. Whether in a social or professional setting, such people are generally disliked and avoided by others.

Synonyms abominable
Antonyms appealing,agreeable

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  1. People in the office find it very hard to get on with Annie. She’s very loud and obnoxious.

  2. Jack behaved dreadfully at the party last night. He should just apologize instead of trying to defend his obnoxiousness.

  3. The boss is obnoxiously inflexible with her decision making. Nobody else gets the chance to voice an opinion.

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