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strong public criticism or blame
  • How to Memorize
    • obloquy - disgrace
  • Analysis

    If you are in a state of public disgrace and suffering from a loss of reputation, or on the receiving end of offensive and abusive statements, then you are the target of ‘obloquy’. This formal word implies something particularly nasty and not always deserved. In fact, it can often be the result of defamation, a misinterpretation, or an unfair appraisal of something.

  • Example(s)
    1. I took legal action against the newspaper because their libellous article subjected me to public shame and obloquy.

    2. While our operations in the region were by no means without fault, our organization does not deserve the obloquy we have received for it.

    3. My staunch opposition to the merger made me a target for a lot of abuse, but I stuck to my guns even in the face of such obloquy.