obfuscate | obfuscation

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make something less clear or harder to understand

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obfuscate - confuse

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When you ‘obfuscate’, you obscure something by making it seem much more confusing and difficult to understand than it really is. This is typically done deliberately as a tactic when you are trying to be evasive or hide something, like the truth. For that reason, the word is often used in a political context.

Synonyms obscure,bewilder,confound
Antonyms clarify,enlighten

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  1. Your argument is not helping anything, it only serves to obfuscate the main issue we’re trying to address.

  2. The politician’s evasiveness and twisting of the facts was a deliberate obfuscation of the truth.

  3. Those new rules are so nebulous. They are much more likely to obfuscate the situation than clarify anything.

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