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a connection between people or things

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nexus - link

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A ‘nexus’ is a link, or a series of links within a particular situation, group, or system. It is essentially the point where different people or things come together or intersect. Perhaps an easier way to understand it is to imagine standing in the middle of an intersection where multiple roads join or cross each other. That is the nexus. Most commonly used in written English, particularly print media.

Synonyms connection,bond,network
Antonyms division,separation

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  1. The CEO enjoys being at the nexus of power within the organization, so she is unlikely to relinquish her position lightly.

  2. The shopping centre was immediately shut down because it had become a nexus for Corona infection in the area.

  3. Our local council is a nexus of conscientious residents who are striving to improve the lives of the people who live in the town.

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