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excessive self-interest or admiration

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narcissism - arrogance

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If you have an excessive love for yourself, or are preoccupied with your appearance and own interests, then you might be accused of ‘narcissism'. Taken to an extreme it can be classified as a mental illness, but in everyday life, the term is typically used to refer to a vain, selfish man who puts his own well being above that of anybody else. Such arrogant behaviour usually elicits a negative response from others.

Synonyms egotism
Antonyms humility,meekness

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  1. Due to his narcissism, Matt spent the first 15 minutes of the meeting talking about himself. The thought that others might not be interested never entered his mind.

  2. Some people accuse me of being a narcissist, but I prefer to think of myself as conscientious when it comes to my physical appearance.

  3. Since getting married and starting a family, Kevin has curbed a lot of his narcissistic tendencies.

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