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stop somebody from expressing their opinion

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muzzle - gag

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The original use of the word ‘muzzle’ was to refer to a guard that covers an animal’s, particularly a dog’s, mouth to prevent it from biting others. The term has since been adapted to also describe the act of preventing a person or organization from speaking freely in public by figuratively putting a guard over their mouth. In this context, it is almost always used to express disapproval.

Synonyms redact
Antonyms sanction,enfranchise

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  1. I’ve been told that for the sake of public relations, I should not to raise the issue with the CEO at the AGM. I can’t believe that my company would try to muzzle me like that!

  2. The government in that country have been muzzling journalists for years, using a combination of bribes and threats.

  3. I could not talk about my firing until a certain period of time had elapsed as I was muzzled by a non-disclosure agreement.

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