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close to death

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moribund - dying

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The formal word ‘moribund’ is used to describe somebody or something in a state of terminal decline. It is most commonly used in relation to an organization or a business that is on the verge of collapse, but can also refer to somebody who is dying. It is important to note that even though the person or thing in question is not dead yet, this word implies an inevitability that makes efforts to prevent it futile.

Synonyms declining,waning,obsolescent
Antonyms thriving

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  1. When dealing with a moribund patient, doctors should make the situation clear to their loved ones rather than giving false hope to spare their feelings.

  2. The new manager is a breath of fresh air who we hope will revive the department from its present moribund state.

  3. Financial hardships continue to grow and spread in that country due to its moribund economy.

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