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a difficult situation

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morass - muddle

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A ‘morass’ is an unpleasant and confusing situation that seems highly difficult to escape from or resolve due to its complicated nature. This term is derived from the Old French word for ‘marsh’, so a good way to remember how to use it is to think of the difficulty you might experience trying to make your way through a thick, muddy marsh or swamp.

Synonyms imbroglio
Antonyms idyll,utopia

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  1. I am hoping to settle this matter out of court. The last thing I need is to get bogged down in a legal morass.

  2. Time is limited, so we can’t afford to leave any options off the table in our search for a way out of this economic morass.

  3. The morass of red tape that goes along with this construction project has been a source of great frustration. It has significantly stymied our progress.

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