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open to question or without relevance

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moot - irrelevant

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The word ‘moot’ can be used as an adjective to describe something that is open to argument or debate, or as a verb to express bringing something up for debate. However, its most common use in British English is to state that something is immaterial or has no practical relevance. In that context, this formal word is most commonly encountered in written English.

Synonyms debatable,disputable,arguable
Antonyms irrefutable

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  1. The oil industry’s impact on the environment is a moot issue that is currently stoking an international debate.

  2. Discussing whether we should move the shop to a bigger premises is a moot point. We don't have the finances to do it anyway.

  3. I think Sandra was the first to moot the idea of rebranding the product, so she deserves the lion share of the credit for its subsequent success.

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